Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summers almost here

Summer's almost here, school's almost closed, pool's are almost open. Where does time fly to? I have so much to do before the end of the month. I'm always behind in paperwork, housework, soapmaking. I just don't know how things get so out of hand. Like today, I had to file some papers online with the state but I had to create an account. I had an account but I didn't press the right tab when I opened that account so I had to delete and recreate. Well, the web site wouldn't take my info so I had to call the state. They couldn't help me either. To make a very, very long story short I spent almost all day on the phone trying to figure this problem out and I still have to wait until tomorrow to see if everything went through! Each day there's some type of problem that takes me away from my other problems and my other problems keep building up! WHEN WILL IT STOP? How do I manage my time when I have all these stupid problems popping up?

On a lighter note, IF I find time to make soap I have some wonderful fragrances. Musk for men, baby powder, honeysuckle and so many more. I can't wait.

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