Monday, June 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Greek Festival 2011

Wow what a great weekend! The 4 days at the festival were a little tiring but we made some sales, we made some friends, we received some invites to other fairs and festivals, we even got some ideas for doggy soap! It was wonderful. Now I have to focus on what soaps I have, what soaps were hot sellers and what customers asked for that I didn't have. I thought I had a good soap for men, Beer and Lime, I added real beer and real lime juice and shredded rind but for some reason there was no smell. Everyone thought it was a great idea but when they smelled it, nothing. Sandlewood and musk were mentioned so I'll be ordering those essential or fragrant oils soon. Oh yes and the coffee didn't smell either. I think I should have ground the coffee more and maybe added brewed coffee also to it.

The rest of the family were wonderful. Each helped out in their own way whether it be at home or at the booth. Leona actually sold soaps and talked with the customers which was nice to see.

Now off to make more soap, order more stuff, get more ideas!
Thank you to all who came to my booth!

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