Friday, June 3, 2011

Festival Day 1

First day of the festival started out terrible. The sun was shinning bright, low heat and humidity but the wind was blowing hard. We unloaded the truck and began to set up the tables. I had found two fabric tableclothes ( and I'm lucky I did! ) and wrestled with them for at least 1 hour. If they were plastic they would have ripped like mostly all the other vendors. We attached the plastic grippies to the table then the wind blew and off snapped some of them along with the tablecloth! I didn't take a tent with me because I figured at 5 o'clock the sun wouldn't be so bright and might be behind the trees. I was wrong! I had my daughter bring the tent to us and began to fight with it to put it up. No success! The wind was too strong. I was almopst impossible to put that up. So for a good part of the evening we fought the wind, trying not to lose anything and put the displays of soap out covered with baskets so the sun wouldn't ruin them! I felt horrible but luckily there was a nice vendor that came over to talk to us and gave us a few pointers and commented about how nice we displayed everything for being a beginner! She also offered us a place at another event in August!

The sun slowly went down behind the trees and the wind died down. People began coming, not many but that was expected for a Thursday night. We gave out some brochers, talked to some people, made some freinds and actually sold 1 bar! All in all it wasn't that bad!

I need to run out to find some things for tonight. I need stronger grippies for the tablecloth and maybe a cheaper tent. It's not supposed to be as windy as yesterday so the sun will be a bigger problem today.
Wish me luck for day 2!

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