Saturday, November 13, 2010

My first blog

I remember not too long ago someone told me I had to get a computer. I didn't want to because it was something new and unknown. But our oldest daughter needed it for school and we needed it for work so I agreed. After buying the computer I sat in front of it just looking at it...not liking it. After a couple of years I was told I had to get the internet and that it was needed. I was against it again but they insisted. Here I am a few years (I won't tell how many) later, now, starting my own blog! Who would have thought! I spend much time on the internet researching, talking with people, just finding out as much as I possibly can about anything. Since we entered the internet world, I have been thankful for it more than one time. When we were looking for a house, when I was looking for information on goats (we have a goat farm), when I needed information on how to make cheese from goats milk, when my mother became ill until she passed on, when I needed to find out how to make goat milk soap and most of all when my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma called cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. I don't know where we would be without the internet and all the information that comes out of it.
So now here I am, starting a blog, to share all my everyday experiences with all who visits me.