Monday, September 12, 2011

Too much rain!

A very hectic couple of weeks. Hurricane Irene hit with all her glory. We had no electricity for almost a week. Luckily we have a generator! But the bad thing with that is there are extension cords draped all over the house. Refrigerators, lights, TV, telephones all need a hookup. I think we need to look into getting a large generator for the whole house. Our neighbors have one and as soon as the electricity goes down, their generator turns on. Very practical!
Hurricane Irene brought a lot of rain. It rained Saturday evening straight into Monday and it rained heavily. Finally the sun came out and the winds picked up. The most damage was not from the wind though, it was from the rain. Rivers overflowed, fields turned into lakes, roads were washed away, houses were lost. There was water and dry ice distribution in various places. I realized that even with the annoying extension cords all over the place we were lucky to have the generator. Many people didn't. They lost a lot. Then again if your house is filled with water?
Then just as things began to dry, here came Lee and it rained and rained and rained on the already Irene soaked New York. People who were still trying to dry out from Irene had more water to deal with.
I hope the rain is over for a while. We need to dry out so people can get back to their normal routine.

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