Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Boy Toys

      I can't believe it's been over 6 months that I last posted! Time flies by so fast, it's sad! I've been overly busy, I guess you could say. Summer's here and  with it comes the grass cutting, gardening, weeding and cleaning. It just never stops! Don't get me wrong, I love the nice weather, even the heat and humidity, but there's so much to do outside during the summer months.
      We weren't going to plant a garden upstate this year, but there was a bag of potatoe seed calling out to me and so I took it home. We planted them with the new gadgets we got for the tractor. Very easy! I didn't like the 'big boy toys' but this tractor is really useful. We planted a 50 lb bag of potatoe seed in no time. If I were to to plant them by hand; till the dirt, remove the rocks, cut the potatoes, dig holes and cover them up, it would have taken me half the summer! We attached the gadget and ride through the garden and that's that! One Saturday afternoon is all it took. I highly recommend anyone who has more than an acre or two get a tractor with it's gadgets.
      We didn't put a fence around the garden in thinking that the deer don't like potatoe greens but we were wrong, as soon as they started to sprout the deer started to nibble on them. So we had to put up a fence. And again, with the help of the tractor, we put up the posts, one by one pushing them into the ground with the tractor bucket, easy peasy!
      I planted my tomato, eggplant, pepper, beans, zuccini and cucumber plants down state this year. As an added suprise, I planted pumpkin, melons and luffa. The melons didn't sprout, I don't know why, but the luffa and pumpkins are growing nicely.
      All this has taken time away from making soap and the other bath products I wanted to add to my shops. I would like to make bath fizzies, bath salts, lip balms and possibly get into some creams or lotions. It's all a matter of time though.

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