Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today is Wed. I have so much to do! We have been cleaning out the trees, getting rid of dead branches, trimming them so that some sun can get in. We have such a problem with mold and moss. Grass refuses to grow here. Such a shame, I would love to have a beautiful green backyard! The trees are also nice, but they have grown out of control. Luckily the goats have taken care of all the leaves. The only thing left when they're done is bare branches. But the branches need cutting and then piling up for the wood stove this winter.
Anyway, we still have more cutting to do, I have more paperwork than I can even imagine, we have a fair coming up on Sunday and our soaps aren't even trimmed yet! I will be showing all our fall scents; Apple Spice, Pumpkin Crunch, Hot Cocoa and making lotions also. Which reminds me I must also update my website! I think I have to start working 24 hours, sleep 4, work 24, sleep 4.......

Buy the way, we will be at the Bethel Fall Harvest Festival in Bethel, NY, the actual site of Woodstock, this Sunday 10/9/11 from 11AM - 4PM. I heard the weather will be great. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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